Students scale gates to get into illegal party at Sheffield Hallam University halls

A Sheffield Hallam student staying at the Charlotte Court halls of residence in Highfield boasted on social media of a party he threw which had people scaling the gates to get in during lockdown.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021, 2:51 pm

The student, who is known to the university and under investigation, posted the images on Snapchat in the early hours of Sunday morning.

He wrote: “Sneaking some people in by jumping gates.”

Other students living in the block were concerned for their safety and alerted the university about the issue.

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Photos shared on Snapchat by the person who threw the party showed people scaling the gates to get in.

One said: “There is someone who throws parties at his accommodation in Charlotte Court, Unite Students. He let people into his party by letting people climb the accommodation gates.”

A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson said: "The University has received a complaint relating to an alleged breach of Covid restrictions involving one of our students. An internal investigation is underway and appropriate action will be taken if any of our students are found to have breached government guidelines.

“The vast majority of our students continue to behave responsibly and within the guidelines but for those who don’t there are a range of sanctions in place which we will use as appropriate and as needed.

Student halls at Charlotte Court, on Charlotte Road.

“We are working closely with partner organisations including accommodation providers, the council and South Yorkshire Police, to ensure any behaviour that breaches government rules on socialising and safe behaviour is dealt with swiftly and proportionately.

“We all have a role to play in preventing the spread of Covid-19. We will be issuing targeted communications at student residences reiterating to our students what is expected of them and the consequences if they don’t follow the rules.”

South Yorkshire Police confirmed that they received reports of a party at some student accommodation on Charlotte Road in the early hours of Sunday morning (January 17).

A police spokesperson added: "We strongly urge anyone thinking of attending or organising an unlawful gathering not to do so. It is proven that Covid-19 transmission is highest when members of different households mix indoors, and in order to protect the NHS and save lives, our officers will be working proactively to put a stop to events of this kind.

"We will be taking enforcement action against anyone who blatantly breaks the Covid-19 rules, as by doing so they are putting others in danger.