Students in Sheffield get lesson in safety

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Students are getting a lesson in how to keep their valuables safe in a bid to keep the crime rate low at the University of Sheffield.

The university, Students’ Union and South Yorkshire Police are joining forces as part of Crime Prevention Week, which starts on Monday, to spread safety messages.

Students will be given free property marking kits and will be taught how to protect themselves from opportunistic thieves.

Richard Yates, head of security services at the university, said: “The reduction of student burglary is a key priority for the partnership, as the crime of burglary has a high level of personal impact upon victims. Although the reductions in crime at the university are welcome, there is no room for complacency.

“Sheffield is a thriving and vibrant city and our students add to that vibrancy. It is the mission of the security services working alongside partners to ensure that we do everything within our power to make the environment in which our students, staff and visitors live and work while engaged with the university as safe as possible.”

PC Bob Kenney, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “Student halls of residence, student houses and students generally can be a top attraction for would-be burglars or thieves.

“As a result, we work closely with local universities, colleges and schools across the county and although crime is relatively low in South Yorkshire, students remain a top target for criminals. And it’s easy to see why.

“Students own more expensive consumer goods per head than the rest of the population. They have laptops, mobile phones, iPads, and televisions and often walk around with some of this electronic gadgetry making their way to and from the library and university campus.”