Star report about Sheffield murder found at house where suspect arrested

Thavisha Peiris
Thavisha Peiris
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A Star newspaper breaking the news of a fatal stabbing in Sheffield was found crumpled up at a house where two murder suspects stayed in the aftermath of the killing, a court heard.

Jurors in the trial of Shamraze Khan, who is accused of murder, were told a copy of The Star with the headline ‘Man Knifed to Death’ was found in a bin at a house on Main Road, Darnall, where two suspects stayed after Thavisha Peiris was stabbed to death as he delivered a pizza.

The 25-year-old was attacked and left in a pool of blood after pulling up on Southey Crescent as he delivered his final two orders of the night.

Kasim Ahmed, 18 and Khan, 26, who both lived on Southey Crescent at the time, are accused of killing Mr Peiris - a former Sheffield Hallam University student - during an attempted robbery.

Ahmed admits the offence but Khan denies responsibility.

The prosecution case is that the pair were jointly responsible, regardless of who inflicted the fatal wounds.

Jurors were told both men stayed in the house in Darnall where The Star report of the killing was found.

Ahmed was arrested there.

The jury also heard from a forensic scientist who examined the car where the body of Mr Peiris was discovered after the knife attack.

Dr Gemma Escott, who specialises in blood pattern analysis, said at some point the delivery driver’s bleeding wounds were outside the vehicle but she could not be certain whether he was standing up or slumped out of his seat at the time.

She said blood on the inside door handle ‘suggests the deceased may have tried to pull the driver’s door shut’.

Other staining inside the vehicle could suggest Mr Peiris ‘may have attempted to drive off after he sustained his injuries’ she added. The trial continues.