South Yorkshire Police worker sacked for being drunk in charge of a young child

A South Yorkshire Police worker has lost her job for being drunk while in charge of a young child.

By Claire Lewis
Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 6:40 am
South Yorkshire Police HQ
South Yorkshire Police HQ

The woman, who has not been named, was dismissed for ‘discreditable conduct’ in May after being convicted at court of being drunk in charge of a child under the age of seven and failing to provide a sample of breath whilst in charge of a car.

She has been barred from working for the police ever again.

The police officer’s case was the subject of a police misconduct hearing after her conviction, and she was dismissed without notice.

The case is one of a number detailed by South Yorkshire Police on the force’s website, which lists the findings of misconduct hearings.

Last month, a male police worker was sacked for gross misconduct after three female colleagues claimed that he ‘behaved in an inappropriate manner towards them’ over an 11-year period.

An independent panel ruled that it was ‘more likely than not that the incidents reported did take place’ and ordered his ‘dismissal without notice’.

In another hearing last month, a Detective Constable was issued with a written warning after he admitted taking documentation and property home ‘over a number of years’ and failing to return them to his place of work.

The force ruled that he had failed to ‘adhere to South Yorkshire Police policy and procedures’.

Following another misconduct hearing last month, a South Yorkshire Police worker convicted of drink driving was allowed to keep their job ‘due to the exceptional circumstances associated with the case’.

In a synopsis of the hearing, South Yorkshire Police said that despite a staff member being found guilty of ‘breaching the standards of professional behaviour relating to discreditable conduct,’ the panel which heard the case ruled ‘no further action would be taken due to the exceptional circumstances associated with the case’.