South Yorkshire Police warning after spate of thefts from vans

Superintendent Eddie Murphy, of South Yorkshire Police.
Superintendent Eddie Murphy, of South Yorkshire Police.
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Van owners across South Yorkshire are being urged to be on their guard after a spate of tool thefts in the county.

Police are warning van drivers to ensure their vehicles are secured and tools and valuable items are removed at the end of the working day.

Officers said there had been a county-wide rise in the number of vans being broken into and parts were even being stolen.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy said: “We are seeing a spike in attacks on transit vans across South Yorkshire.

“A number have been broken into and work tools stolen.

“These are expensive items and obviously have an effect on the owner, who will need them for their employment.

“We ask that owners take necessary safety precautions.

“Such vehicles should have alarms fitted and, if possible, items should not be left in the vehicle overnight.

“I fully understand this is not always easy, but the inconvenience and cost of having to buy new tools and repairing your vehicle means that it will be worth it in the long run.”

Supt Murphy said police also wanted to hear from residents who knew of parts and tools being offered to them for sale.

He said: “Remember, if someone offers you a cheap drill, then it is more than likely stolen.

“People only steal if they know they can sell items on.”

The warning follows the launch of a new police operation called Operation Lockdown, which is urging South Yorkshire residents to keep their property safe following a rise in the number of burglaries and car crimes across the county.

Vehicle owners are being urged not to leave valuables on show in cars, empty glove boxes, remove clothes from vehicles as thieves may think there is change in the pockets, and park vehicles in well-lit areas.

Motorcycles should be kept in a locked garage or shed.