South Yorkshire Police officers sacked for criminal damage and lying on a statement

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A South Yorkshire police officer was sacked for damaging the home of a former partner while drunk – and another for failing to report an accident.

Details of all the dismissals at South Yorkshire Police since June 2014 have been revealed.

The list details the date of the misconduct, the rank of the officers involved and what they did wrong.

Earlier this month a PC was sacked after going to his former partner’s home, while off duty and drunk, and causing damage.

In June 2014 a PC resigned prior to disciplinary action for not handling stolen property correctly, not investigating a connected crime and making inaccurate records.

The next month a special constable was sacked for failing to stop and not reporting a road accident they were involved in.

In November, a PC was sacked after being accused of forming an inappropriate relationship with a vulnerable female. The case is currently subject of an appeal.

Last month an officer was dismissed for allegedly forming inappropriate relationships, both on and off duty, with two vulnerable females, lying on a statement and causing a witness to lie.

The most senior ranking officer disciplined was an inspector, sacked for knowingly taking a number of days leave they were not entitled to – a decision they are appealing.

A spokesman said: “The misconduct cases outlined on the force’s website all originate from internal misconduct matters, which came to our attention either through the proactive work of the Professional Standards Department, or by information received from officers or staff.

“PSD carry out extensive work investigating allegations of misconduct within the force and are committed to maintaining standards across the force. We expect the highest standards of ethics and conduct from our officers and staff and anyone found to have failed to meet these standards will be held to account.

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