South Yorkshire Police officer battling 'Long Covid' issues plea in bid to save lives

A South Yorkshire police officer battling Long Covid has issued a plea for people to follow lockdown rules in a bid to save lives.

Friday, 15th January 2021, 12:39 pm
PC Michelle Hudson

PC Michelle Hudson, who works as a mounted police officer, has been off sick for 11 weeks after initially contracting Covid-19 and then developing Long Covid, where the symptoms of coronavirus can last months.

The normally fit and healthy 41-year-old, with 20 years of police service, said she wants her experience to serve as a warning to others about how debilitating the virus can be and to urge people to do all they can to prevent its spread.

She said frontline police officers are particularly at risk and members of the public should do all they can to keep those who protect them safe.

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PC Michelle Hudson is battling Long Covid

“Everything the government has been telling you to do to prevent the spread of this virus - do it,” she urged.

“Fit and healthy as I am, I thought I would be one of those people that would pick up Covid and then get straight back to my job a fortnight later.

“I’m never off, I hate being off. I live on my own and absolutely love my job, so for me to be in this position is something I am struggling with.

“For those doubters, Covid is real, it does exist and it is debilitating. I would not wish this on anybody.”

PC Michelle Hudson was fit and healthy before developing Covid-19

After starting with a chesty cough and flu-like symptoms on October 30 last year, PC Hudson tested positive for Covid but has never recovered.

She endures breathlessness, fatigue and pain and has been prescribed an inhaler for when she struggles to breathe.

She said she fears for her colleagues on the frontline.

“Police officers have to enforce Covid restrictions and they are really at risk. They go from house to house every single day where they could potentially catch it and take it back to their families.

“What people need to remember is that when officers – those who are there to protect us – are off sick, who will keep us safe then?

“I can’t stress enough how important it is that everyone does all they can to stop the spread of this virus.”