South Yorkshire Police dismissed for lies, assault and theft

CRIME: Crime scene.
CRIME: Crime scene.
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A SOUTH Yorkshire police officer was sacked for pushing a cyclist to the ground – and another was axed for assaulting their partner, it has been revealed.

Details of all the dismissals at South Yorkshire Police since May 2009 have been revealed in a bid to make it more transparent.

The list of cases where officers have lost their jobs or resigned over disciplinary matters details the date of the alleged misconduct, the rank of the officers involved and what the bobbies allegedly did wrong.

It reveals that in July 2009 an officer was sacked after being arrested for assaulting their partner and damaging property.

Two months later, in September 2009, a detective constable lost their job after running off from the scene of an accident.

The officer was off duty at the time of the crash, but was in a vehicle being driven by a disqualified driver which had been taken without the owner’s consent.

In October 2010, an officer resigned over a spate of allegations made to police chiefs, including the use of ‘inappropriate force against a detainee’, losing a detainee who escaped from an insecure police car, punching another officer, making derogatory comments about colleagues, speaking to a colleague in an ‘intimidating manner’ and using PAVA incapacitant spray inappropriately.

The police log said: “The officer discharged his PAVA into the air inside police stations in front of other officers.

“He discharged a PAVA canister spray onto a golf ball and threw it at a colleague causing them to suffer the effects.”

In March 2012, a police constable was sacked for pushing a cyclist to the ground while on duty.

The police log says: “While on duty, but without lawful authority, the officer pushed a cyclist to the ground, injuring the palms of their hands, wrists, right knee and shin.”

The most senior ranking officer to be sacked was an inspector who was arrested for shoplifting.

Neil Bowles, of the South Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “This is evidence the overwhelming majority of South Yorkshire Police officers perform their duties professionally. Those that transgress professional standards let down themselves, their colleagues and the public whom they have sworn to serve.”

Chief Constable David Crompton said: “Sometimes a small minority let us down.”

Force dismissals

* May 2009 – PC dismissed for lying on job application form

* October 2009 – detective resigned after disclosing to a third party details of a car which was later attacked

* October 2010 – PC resigned for abusing incapacitant spray, punching colleague and losing prisoner

* December 2010 – PC resigned after calling in sick to extend holiday leave

* January 2011 – bobby sacked for abusing holiday leave entitlement

* May 2012 - Inspector axed for shoplifting.