South Yorkshire Police Chief joins pupils for gun talk

Shaun Wright
Shaun Wright
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Police chief Shaun Wright went back to school – to attend a talk on the dangers of guns and knives.

Shaun Wright, police and crime commissioner, attended South Yorkshire Police’s anti-gun and knife crime presentation ‘Guns and Knives take Lives’ when it was presented to pupils at All Saints Catholic High School, Norfolk Park.

The programme, introduced in South Yorkshire in 2005, is delivered to more than 20,000 pupils every year, with the aim of warning youngsters of the dangers guns and knives pose.

They are taught about the injuries the weapons can cause, as well as the possible consequences of carrying weapons, including criminal records.

They hear how armed police officers called to incidents involving guns have a split second to decide if a firearm is real.

Mr Wright, said: “The presentation is a fantastic initiative .

“Gun and knife crime can have a serious impact on individuals, their families and the wider communities and it’s important to educate children on the dangers and issues surrounding it.”