South Yorkshire pensioner battered for her £35

The face of a woman attacked in her own home in Barnsley - October 2012
The face of a woman attacked in her own home in Barnsley - October 2012
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This is the battered and bruised face of a woman beaten up by a cowardly yob in a violent robbery at her South Yorkshire home.

A 6ft 4ins tall raider beat 55-year-old Linda Smith around the head and face.

The thug brandished a metal skewer, struck her repeatedly, pushed her to the kitchen floor and pressed his foot into her chest.

He then frogmarched Linda into her bedroom and again pushed her to the floor, repeatedly punching her and demanding she hand over her money.

Reliving her terrifying ordeal, Linda told The Star: “He kept asking for the money and every time I told him I didn’t have any he hit me. I lost count of how many times.

“My dog tried to protect me by trying to bite him but he kicked the dog away.

“I remember thinking I was not going to get out of there alive.”

In a bid to help police catch the culprit, Linda has agreed for pictures of her injuries to be published. Photographs taken shortly after the attack reveal her bruised cheeks, eyes and nose.

She also suffered a bleeding gash to her nose and her lips were left covered in blood.

Ms Smith, who lives alone, was targeted in her home in Neville Close, Wombwell, Barnsley, by a masked robber who sneaked up on her in her kitchen. He was wearing a scarf across his face and his hood up.

“I was making a cup of tea when I first noticed him - he demanded ‘give me your money’ and walked towards me with what I thought was a screwdriver,” she said.

“When I told him I didn’t have any money he hit me in my face.

“He got me on the floor and put his foot on my chest. I managed to get up and he threw me into my bedroom. He got me on the floor again and was talking about me getting my money out of my drawers.

“He went into the kitchen and started going though the drawers and found £20 in my purse and £15 in coppers and 20p pieces.

“He called me a liar for saying I had no money and hit me again.”

Linda said the robber dropped his weapon - the metal spike of a kitchen utensil with the end broken off - during the raid at her ground floor flat.

“I hope he left his DNA on it so the police can get him,” she said. “He did not show any remorse and regret when he hit me - if I had been 70 he would have done the same. He needs to be caught.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman confirmed: “Officers investigating a robbery at an address in Barnsley are appealing for information from the public and for witnesses to come forward.”

The offender was white, around 6ft 4ins tall, and slim. He was wearing dark clothing, with a scarf across his face, and a hooded top.

Anyone with any information about the robbery should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 and quote incident 1,209 of Thursday, September 27. Crimestoppers can also be contacted on 0800 555 111.