South Yorkshire nurse's devastation as car is destroyed leaving her job at risk

A nurse who was forced to leave her car on a country road due to the snowy weather has spoken of her devastation when she went to pick it up only to find it had been destroyed.

Thursday, 21st January 2021, 1:51 pm

District nurse Charlotte Amy Sanderson, 24, was driving home to Kilnhurst after a day of working in Doncaster on January 15 when the snow forced her to stop on a country road in High Melton.

She left the car there overnight and was given a lift home by a couple in a landrover, and went back to where she had left her car on Melton Mill Lane with her father the next morning.

When she got there she found that her car has been hit so badly that its windows were smashed and its bumper was damaged. It was a number of metres from where Charlotte had parked it.

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Charlotte found her car badly damaged when she went to collect it.

“When I found it and it was awful to see,” Charlotte said. “I have only just started as I worked in A&E before.

"I have to get up every day and work hard as a nurse in this pandemic. I had Covid last year and I was really poorly, and so did my family.

"I was hoping it would be a new year with a new job and I could put last year behind me, but this is my worst nightmare.”

Charlotte found her car badly damaged when she went to collect it.

Charlotte, who is originally from Sheffield, had to arrange for a courtesy car which she has for 28 days.

As she needs a car for her job, which involves visiting patients in their homes, she now has to arrange with her insurance to get a new car by the end of the month.

"I’m at risk of losing my job if I don’t get a car,” she said. “Work have been amazing and really supportive, but it’s just another thing I have to get sorted out.

District nurse Charlotte Amy Sanderson

"Whoever smashed into it did not even leave a note. I understand that accidents can happen in that kind of weather and I would take that into consideration.

"They have written my car off and just driven off showing they don’t care.”

Charlotte contacted the police who are investigating the incident.