South Yorkshire man pestered ex-partner after conviction for wounding her

A South Yorkshire man continued to pester and threaten his ex-partner after he was convicted of wounding her, Sheffield Crown Court has heard.

Friday, 26th February 2021, 3:43 pm

Remey Ellis received an 18 month suspended sentence for unlawfully wounding and harassing the woman, on August 28, last year, said prosecutor Brian Outhwaite.

A five-year restraining order was imposed, but in October he used a fake Snapchat account to ask her how she was doing and who she was sleeping with, before setting up more fake accounts.

Ellis begged her for help through "constant texting and telephone calls," at one point threatening to kill himself and telling her she would have to explain his death to his mother.

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The woman contacted police on December 28, after Ellis claimed he had stabbed himself and was bleeding.

In a statement, she said she couldn't get on with her normal life as a result of the calls and that Ellis made her question her mental health.

Ian West, mitigating, said he has spent two months in custody and entered an early guilty plea.

He said Ellis was of "near good character" until starting the “unhealthy relationship.”

"He is sorry,” Mr West said. “He didn't realise the gravity of breaching the order."

The court heard he was homeless for two years but managed to secure accommodation.

Ellis, 29, of Thundercliffe Road, Rotherham, pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order between October 1 and December 24.

Judge Michael Slater imposed an 18 month community order with 20 rehabilitation days. He said: "It would be unjust to activate the sentence. If you behave yourself until August 2022 you will hear no more about this matter."

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