South Yorkshire killers serving jail sentences for fatal assaults

Following the recent case of a one-punch killer The Star has reflected on how too many thugs are still failing to get the message about the fatal risks of physical violence.

Similar incidents continue to appear in the courts – including at Sheffield Crown Court – despite MP Dehenna Davison’s one-punch campaign in 2021 to address sentencing in such cases after her father Dominic was killed with a single punch in The Bassett pub, at Foxhill, Sheffield, in 2007.

Sheffield Crown Court has also dealt with too many cases where killers have been jailed for taking people’s lives after inflicting physical violence upon their victims with tragic consequences.

These highlighted cases include two half-brothers who beat a disabled man to death In Doncaster, a convicted a peadophile who beat a fellow hospital patient to death in Rotherham and a Sheffield thug who punched a man to the ground where he smashed his head and later died.