South Yorkshire dealer jailed over illegal weapons haul

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A South Yorkshire drug dealer bought a stun gun over the internet – and had a CS spray canister thrown in for free.

But Dominic Campbell’s unusual ‘buy one get one free’ offer backfired when he was jailed for five years for possessing illegal weapons.

The weapons were found after Campbell, aged 21, was arrested for drug dealing during a police crackdown at Cardiff University Students ‘ Union.

Gordon Stables, prosecuting at Sheffield Crown Court, said Campbell was seen adjusting something in his trousers by police who were stopping and searching revellers.

He was taken to a room to be searched and officers found 109 tablets of BZMP, a banned stimulant.

When they searched his hotel room and BMW car, they found 426 more tablets and a small bag of MCAT.

The CS spray canister was found in his car, while further searches revealed eight ecstasy tablets and another eight stimulants.

Mr Stables said the tablets would have been worth up to £5,000 if sold.

He said: “This was a deliberate visit to the students union for the purpose of selling drugs to the students.”

The court heard Campbell, of Harding Avenue, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, started dealing after he was sacked from his job at Sheffield-based firm Independent Forgings and Alloys for ordering the gun online using his work computer.

His firm called in the police and Campbell confirmed he had ordered the stun gun online along with a self-defence knuckle-duster.

He told police he travelled to ‘raves’ all over the country every weekend.

Campbell admitted possessing two prohibited weapons, two offences of possessing drugs with intent to supply in Cardiff and possessing ecstasy and MCAT for personal use.

Timothy Bubb, mitigating, said: “He maintains the CS canister came as a free gift when he ordered the stun gun.

“It was not something he specifically ordered.

“A search of the internet reveals stun guns are readily available, but there is no warning it is contrary to the law in this country.

“He did not know he shouldn’t have it.”

Mr Bubb said Campbell was a hard worker with no previous convictions.

He said he got into drug-dealing through a friend, who told him the Class C drugs were not illegal but ‘legal highs’.

Jailing Campbell for five years, Judge Paul Watson QC told him ordering the stun gun was an ‘extremely serious offence’.

Campbell was given concurrent jail terms for possessing the CS spray and drugs offences.