South Yorkshire council house tenant evicted from property

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A COUNCIL house tenant has been evicted from his home after faking a burglary.

Steven Green was evicted when he failed to vacate the property on Wright Street, North Anston, after Rotherham Council was granted possession in February.

Last August, Green had reported that the combi-boiler, radiators and associated pipework had been stolen from his home.

The alleged burglary caused flooding damage, estimated at more than £6,000, to his own property and the flat below.

But a police probe discovered there was no forced entry – and he himself had stolen the plumbing system.

He pleaded guilty last September and in February possession of the property was granted to Rotherham Council, giving Green 14 days to vacate.

He failed to meet the demand and was evicted by court bailiffs.

PC Rebecca Lindley, who works with Rotherham Borough Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, said that council tenants who commit crimes risk losing their homes.

She added: “Following the discovery of the boiler theft from the property, Green made claims to the investigating officers from the Dinnington Safer Neighbourhood Team that he had been the victim of a burglary.

“However, the officers were able to prove that Green himself was responsible for the theft and when presented with the evidence he admitted this was the case. The results of the criminal investigation led to Rotherham Borough Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, which works in partnership with South Yorkshire Police, making a successful application to Rotherham County Court to have Green evicted from his property.”