South Yorkhire conman stole OAP’s TV

Stuart Michael Brunt, aged 47, jailed for 27 months for two burglaries.
Stuart Michael Brunt, aged 47, jailed for 27 months for two burglaries.
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A conman tricked his way into an 86-year-old pensioner’s home and stole her purse and house keys – then returned the next day and stole her television.

Stuart Michael Brunt, aged 47, tricked his way into Elsie Ramsden’s home in Munsbrough, Rotherham, by asking for £2 and a glass of water.

When she went to get his drink, he stole her purse and house keys.

Sheffield Crown Court heard he returned the next day when she was out shopping and stole her television.

Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting, said: “When she returned she was confused to find it missing as there had been no sign of forced entry.”

Brunt took the TV to Cash Converters where he sold it for £100.

Mr Robertshaw said: “His disposal wasn’t sophisticated.

“He had an account at Cash Converters and police were able to trace him.”

Mr Robertshaw said Miss Ramsden had been left afraid by the burglary.

“The incident has left her worried to leave the flat unattended and she is also worried about what people are capable of doing while she is alone in her home,” he said.

Brunt, of no fixed address but previously of Riley Walk, Munsbrough, admitted both burglaries and another charge of handling stolen goods.

James Baird, defending, said: “His actions are perhaps indicative of just how far he had sunk.

“He was in the grip of both alcohol and drug addiction.

“He realises just how bad his life has got and that has caused him to rethink how he wants to live his life in the future.

“He is genuinely remorseful.”

Jailing him for 27 months, Judge Sarah Wright said: “You used her keys and you invaded that lady’s home and stole her television set.

“She has been left in a state of being worried to leave her flat for fear of what might happen. At her age that’s a serious matter.”

She added: “You were in the grip of alcohol and drug addiction and had reached an all time low.”