Singer’s hotel room burgled

Nell Bryden
Nell Bryden
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A singer whose hotel room was burgled by two men while she performed in Sheffield has vowed to refuse to let the criminals put her off the city.

Nell Bryden, aged 37, was performing at The Greystones pub when two men ransacked her hotel room - stealing costumes for her nationwide tour, jewellery, clothing and laptops.

She was staying in a ground floor room at the Kenwood Hall Hotel, Kenwood Road, Nether Edge, when burglars struck.

They forced open a window to climb into the room and were caught on CCTV cameras - but the footage is thought to be too grainy for them to be identified.

Nell, who is eight months’ pregnant, said she feels the security and CCTV systems in place at the hotel were inadequate and has lodged a claim for £10,000 in compensation to replace her stolen items.

But Allianz, the hotel’s insurer, is disputing the alleged inadequacies and has not yet settled the claim.

Nell, an American singer-songwriter, said: “We called the police and the officer who came found CCTV footage of two men forcing open the window and climbing into our room. But she said it was not of

sufficient quality to identify them.

“I am challenging the adequacy of the security and CCTV systems in my claim against the hotel. But despite what happened I really love Sheffield and don’t want it to leave a bad taste in my mouth.”

Guy Morgan, for hotel insurer Allianz Insurance said: “In this case, there is CCTV footage which shows that the thieves gained entry to the hotel room through an open window.

“Having reviewed the case, we are satisfied that our insured fulfilled their security obligations and the cause of the break-in was not caused by fault on their part.”

A Kenwood Hall Hotel spokeswoman said: “While police are investigating we are unable to comment.”