Shot man used drugs for pain

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A man who was shot in the head turned to cannabis to ease his pain, a court heard.

Ryan Collinson, aged 31, told a judge that he got into an altercation with a friend and was shot in the head when he was younger and had suffered with migraines and dizziness ever since.

“Cannabis helped me ease the pain of the migraines,” he told Recorder Amanda Rippon, sitting at Sheffield Crown Court.

Collinson, who represented himself at court, admitted producing cannabis after police raided the house he was renting on Wood Lane, Treeton.

A ‘large quantity’ of cannabis leaves were found in the attic and growing equipment including an extractor fan and lamps.

Officers estimated the cannabis would have made Collinson £6,900 in ounce deals on the streets.

Collinson told police the drug was for his personal use and a list of names and numbers on a mobile phone recovered were because he was organising a group holiday.

But prosecutor Michael Tooley claimed he was a ‘significant’ grower.

Collinson, now from Ellesemere Road North, Pitsmoor, received a six month jail term suspended for 18 months, plus a supervision order and £120 costs.

Judge Rippon told Collinson he should have sought medical advice for his migraines and dizzy spells rather than self-medicating with an illegal drug.

“There are much better legal drugs which can help with a migraine,” she said.

“What you can’t do is keep using cannabis. Your doctor should deal with the symptoms.”