Shocking video shows moment cars collide on Spital Hill

This is the moment a taxi sped into the back of another vehicle as it waited in traffic yesterday on Spital Hill.

By Ann Holmes
Thursday, 25 April, 2019, 20:20

Emergency services were called to the scene at Burngreave at around 3.45pm on Wednesday.

The road was closed and traffic was brought to a standstill as firefighters cut one of the drivers free from the car.

Spital Hill crash - Credit: Prince Raoof

This dramatic CCTV imagery from Sheffield Online shows the moment the taxi hit.

One mum said she had a lucky escape during the crash with her and two young children narrowly avoiding injury.

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Chelle Louise Markey was taking her two young daughters to gymnastics at the time of the crash when she saw the Nissan Juke careering towards them.

Luckily the car swerved out of the way ‘at the last minute’ leaving her and her two young girls unharmed but ‘severely shaken.

She said: “I was coming around the corner heading up towards Tesco and just saw the Nissan Duke hurtling towards me into my path.

“Thankfully it swerved out the way just at the last minute. He nearly ploughed through my windscreen and I had bits of their bonnet on my car.

“I’ve never seen a crash like it. I was petrified at the time; people were getting out to help but I thought it would be best to stay in my car with my two little girls. I didn’t want to leave them.”