Sheffield woman's devastation as cat is killed by speeding driver who fled the scene

A Sheffield woman has spoken out against speeding drivers on a residential street in the city after her cat was killed instantly after ‘its head was run over’.

Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 3:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 4:08 pm

Tiffany Buckley, who lives on Tasker Road in Crookes, had only just fed her Russian Blue cats Pierre and Pascal and was doing some jobs around the house when she heard a loud noise from a car outside and saw neighbours gathered in the street.

She took a closer look and was shocked to see that one of her pedigree cats Pierre was on the road, having been hit as he was crossing the street. The car that hit him was nowhere to be seen.

“When I saw him I was in hysterics, and I just ran down the stairs and out onto the street,” Tiffany said. “I ran up to Pierre and checked for any heart beat but I knew that he had been killed instantly with the impact. The driver run straight over him and obliterated his head.

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Pierre, a pedigree Russian Blue short haired cat, was 4 when he died.

“He had no body injuries, it was just his head. My dad, who lives next door and had come out, picked him up and we went to the vet where they said he had died straight away.”

Since Pierre died Tiffany has put out an appeal to try and get any information about who could have hit her cat, but nobody has come forward.

“It makes me really angry that they didn’t stop after they hit him,” Tiffany said. “I am very upset because Pierre and Pascal mean a lot to me.

“They were like a little comedy duo who entertained the neighbours. Lots of people who I don’t know but who knew the cats from walking past have spoken to me about Pierre.

Pierre, a pedigree Russian Blue short haired cat, was 4 when he died.

“It feels so strange just having Pascal now. They are brothers and I have had them for four years since they were born.”

Police have confirmed they received a report of the incident at 5.10pm on June 28, however they do not have the powers to do anything unless a complaint is made about the way the vehicle was being driven.

Any witnesses who may be able to help identify the car that hit Pierre are asked to come forward.

“People just speed up and down the road,” Tiffany explained. “They use it as a way to bypass the main road, and there’s cars parked on both sides all the way up.

“It could have been so much worse. This is a built-up, residential area. It could have been a small child that was crossing the road and got hit.

“People need to drive more carefully and keep an eye on the road. Clearly they were not doing that if they hit Pierre at enough speed to do this, and then drove off.”

If you have any information or dash cam footage of Tasker Road from June 28, you can contact Tiffany on 07737002552.