Sheffield woman starts petition calling on police to crackdown on 'Corsa Cannibals'

A Sheffield woman has started an online petition calling on police to crackdown on so-called ‘Corsa Cannibals’

Monday, 20th January 2020, 3:07 pm
Updated Friday, 24th January 2020, 12:15 pm

The petition – which has so far been signed by nearly 260 people – urges police to conduct a ‘full investigation’ into the thefts of car parts in Sheffield.

In recent months, The Star has reported on a number of incidents where key components – including bumpers, bonnets and number plates – have been stolen from vehicles parked in the city.

The woman behind the petition, who does not wish to be identified, told The Star: “This is something that keeps happening, especially to Corsa and VW Golfs.

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As previously reported by The Star, Anna Martin's Corsa was recently stripped of parts shortly before Christmas.

“I feel like the police haven’t got a handle on this at all.

“I know they’re stretched, but it just isn’t good enough – people don’t feel safe parking their cars at night.

“My bumper was stolen recently and I feel angry and upset.”

Her petition – which can be signed here – states: “Car parts crime within Sheffield and the surrounding areas is increasing at an alarming rate.

“These criminals are out there targeting people’s vehicles under the cover of darkness and creating thousands of pounds worth of damage to sensors, lights and repairs.

“I strongly feel that if South Yorkshire Police took the time to launch a full investigation into these crimes and liaised with other police forces, they would have enough evidence to catch the culprits of these crimes and restore justice for all the victims so that people can feel safe again parking their cars at night.

“Not only are the victims having to deal with the situation of having to get their cars fixed, which can cost thousands of pounds in repairs and also steeply hiked insurance premiums, they also face the added fear of the crime happening to them again – as these criminals continue to roam the city stealing parts of targeted vehicles.”

At the time of publication, South Yorkshire Police had not responded to The Star’s request for a comment.