Sheffield woman jailed for nine years over 'vicious' attack and home invasion

A Sheffield mum has been jailed for nine years for subjecting a woman to a terrifying home invasion, during which she was beaten and had her living room windows smashed through.

By Sarah Marshall
Friday, 16th August 2019, 5:36 pm
Kiera Flowers
Kiera Flowers

In the hours leading up to the attack on March 23 this year, defendant Kiera Flowers sent the victim – a 43-year-old woman – a series of text messages that became progressively more threatening.

Flowers, aged 28, repeatedly told the woman to ‘get up here,’ before driving to the woman’s home in Longley at around 1.40am with two men, neither of whom have ever been identified.

The gang of three were all armed with baseball bats, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

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Kiera Flowers was jailed for nine years, during a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday, August 14

Nick Adlington, prosecuting, said: “They began swinging at her living room window with baseball bats. All of her window panes were smashed. The defendant and the two males climbed in through the living room window.

“She was terrified. The defendant cornered her and punched her twice in the chest.”

Mr Adlington said Flowers then proceeded to hit the woman, who had undergone two heart operations prior to the incident taking place, to the left side of her body with a baseball bat.

“She went into the fetal position, and tried to cover her chest. The defendant continued to hit her with the bat, striking her to the fingers, knees and head. The males joined in with the bats,” added Mr Addlington.

During the course of the attack, the gang also smashed the woman’s television, coffee table and bathroom sink basin.

They subsequently left the way they had entered the premises and jumped through the smashed living room window, the court heard.

The woman suffered a number of injuries in the attack, including a fractured finger, a 3cm cut to her head, bruising to her legs and a swollen nose.

Flowers of Hinde House Lane, Firth Park, had been due to stand trial today, but pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated burglary with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm instead.

The court was told that Flowers has a number of previous convictions, including an offence of robbery that was committed when she was 16-years-old, and she was the subject of a conditional discharge for criminal damage when she committed this offence.

Ian West, defending, said Flowers had given birth to her first child some six weeks before this incident, and believed the victim had threatened her young son.

“There may have been some aspect of post-natal psychiatric issues, which may form part of the explanation for how this matter came about...she had her first consumption of any alcohol for nine months, this combined with the perceived threat to her son, led Ms Flowers to lose control,” he said.

Recorder Jeremy Hyam QC jailed Flowers for nine years for the ‘vicious’ attack, and said that a threat on Flowers’ son ‘even if it had been made’ would not have justified her violent actions.

He also granted a restraining order which prevents Flowers from contacting the victim indefinitely.