Sheffield veteran relives moment he was glassed by stranger while celebrating his daughter's birthday

A Sheffield dad and veteran has been left needing surgery on this face after being glassed by a stranger in the city centre.

Chris Harrison, was out in the city celebrating his daughter’s 18th birthday, when he said a man threw a beer glass at him outside JD Wetherspoon pub, The Sheffield Waterworks Company, on Division Street.

The 50-year-old who was with Duke of Wellington's Regiment, said he had to use a woolly hat to stop the blood which was “pumping out” before he was taken to Nothern General Hospital.

The Wadsley Bridge resident said: “It all happened so quickly.

Chris after the attack.

“My lip is completely split, my skin has come off my nose and I have cuts all over my face.

“I suffer from PTSD and it has just made it worse, I don’t want to go into the city.”

Chris, said the incident happened at about midnight on December 23, adding that he will not know how much permanent damage he will be left with untill the stitches are removed.

He said: “It was my daughters birthday and she wanted me to go for a drink.

Chris in the hospital.

“I had my last drink at the Wetherspoon’s pub and said I’ll wait outside for the taxi.

“When I was outside I looked up the road to look for the taxi and this guy was arguing on is phone.

“And, the man said ‘what are you looking at’ and I said I was looking for my taxi.

“It went quiet and then he said I was ‘eyeballing him’.

“He just wanted to start trouble so I ignored him.”

Chris said when the taxi arrived the man started to hurl abuse at him again.

He said: “I said ‘what are you talking about’, and he threw a glass into my face.

“I didn’t know what to do, I was in shock, but being ex-army I stood my ground and said ‘what have you done’.”

Chris was then taken to the hospital and now hopes his attacker will be caught.

He said: “The next person will not be a lucky, the doctors told me I was lucky – I could have been blinded.”

South Yorkshire Police cannot find record of the incident.