Sheffield stun gun man jailed

Jailed: Scott Ward.
Jailed: Scott Ward.
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POLICE discovered a stun gun disguised as a mobile phone when they were called to a domestic incident in Sheffield, a court heard.

The weapon belonged to Scott Ward, aged 22, and was hidden in a drawer.

Ward was jailed for two years by a judge at Sheffield Crown Court after he admitted possessing the prohibited firearm.

He had been facing a mandatory five year sentence but Judge Alan Goldsack QC said two recent Appeal Court judgments meant he could reduce the jail term.

Bev Tait, prosecuting, said officers were called to Siddall Street near Sheffield city centre, where Ward was living with his partner and child, after the pair had a row.

When police arrived they were tipped off about the stun gun.

Miss Tait said it had been disguised as a mobile but was active and had a charger.

“It would give a non-lethal but painful shock if held against a body,” she added.

Ward said he had bought the gun from a ‘mate’ for £20 – but refused to name him – and did not know it was illegal.

He said he and his pal had ‘played around with it’ but he had not used it, had no intention of doing so and would not have carried it around.

Nathan Moxon, defending Ward, of Harborough Avenue, Manor, said there was no suggestion he would have used the weapon to defend himself.

“He cares for his daughter, offers financial support and does jobs others turn their noses up at,” said Mr Moxon.

Judge Goldsack said the taser-style gun stunned people with an electric shock and although not lethal was the type of weapon used by terrorists.

He told Ward: “You are a young man from a good family and you take your personal responsibilities for your child seriously.

“You are a good worker and take whatever job is available and you also do useful work in the community.

“I am satisfied I am not required to pass a minimum sentence of five years in this matter. But deterrent sentences must still be used to get these weapons out of circulation.”