Sheffield student issues safety warning after mugging in city

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A University of Sheffield student is warning fellow students to think carefully about where they walk after he was mugged.

Daniel Glen, aged 20, who is studying maths, had his mobile phone, wallet and a pair of headphones stolen when he was assaulted in an underpass close to the Netherthorpe Road tram stop.

“I never gave my safety any thought at all,” said Daniel, who was walking from Walkley into the city centre when he was robbed by two men.

“It’s a very well known underpass and well used because it is so close to a major student apartment development.

“There’s CCTV coverage all around so I felt like I should be perfectly safe but then something like this happens and it makes you think again about where you are.

“I was lucky, I wasn’t badly hurt and the police have now made an arrest.

“You really do need to be aware of your surroundings.”