Sheffield sex attacker jailed for eight years

Crimewatch: A scene from the BBC TV re-enactment which appealed for public help to catch the real sex attacker.
Crimewatch: A scene from the BBC TV re-enactment which appealed for public help to catch the real sex attacker.
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A SEX attacker jailed for eight years for a terrifying assault on a teenage girl as she walked home from school was caught after police arrested him for a different offence and his took his DNA.

Jordan Padley, aged 22, of Keats Road, Fox Hill, left his victim fearing for her life when he grabbed her from behind, placed his hand over her mouth to stifle her screams and dragged her off a path before forcing her on to the ground.

The menacing thug told the girl he had been forced to carry out the assault and the man who gave the order was watching.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the traumatised teenager was so upset when she managed to escape she threw her arms around a passing stranger and told him about the attack.

And in a bizarre twist of fate the house she ran to and raised the alarm was next door to Padley’s family home.

The girl was said to have been so upset she collapsed on the floor and was sobbing ‘uncontrollably’ before she was taken to the bathroom retching.

Padley’s attack on his young victim was described by Judge Simon Lawler QC as ‘every woman’s and girl’s nightmare scenario’.

The Judge banned Padley from ever working with children for the rest of his life and warned him he will spend six years being monitored by the authorities on his release from prison.

Judge Lawler said: “You attacked her and, in my view, you effectively abducted her - grabbing her round the neck from behind, having your hand over her mouth and telling her to come with you or she would get hurt.

“She must have been, indeed she was, absolutely terrified.

“She thought, understandably, that you were going to kill her.”

Padley told police he had taken a sugar cube laced with the hallucinogenic drug LSD before the attack and had been intending on going for a jog.

But he also claimed a stranger who he said was armed with a gun had assaulted him moments before, pinned him down to the ground and told him to attack the victim.

He also told detectives the man who gave him the order had told him he would film the attack.

Ian Goldsack, defending, said Padley was ‘deeply ashamed and embarrassed by what he did’ and ‘very very sorry’.

“There will be the sense of shame that will go with him through his life,” he added.

He described the offence as ‘a few moments of madness’ that would have ‘lifetime repercussions for many people’.

Mr Goldsack said his arrest had come as a ‘relief’ to Padley.

“He did not have the courage to do what would have been the decent thing and hand himself in and explain what he had done and say he was sorry,” he added.

“He rather buried his head in the sand and hoped upon hope that this complete aberration, which he has never been able to understand why he did it, would never rear its head again.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Etheridge, who led the hunt for Padley, described the attack as ‘selfish and perverse’.

“This sentence reflects the seriousness of the assault. The victim and her family were not at court but they are satisfied that justice has been done,” he added.

“They can now begin the process of closure and the rebuilding the life of an innocent teenage girl.”