Sheffield residents’ crime fears

Joydu Miah is calling for more police and CCTV after his home was burgled
Joydu Miah is calling for more police and CCTV after his home was burgled
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Frightened residents in a Sheffield suburb are to voice their concerns about crime at a meeting with their local MP and police chiefs today.

MP Clive Betts and South Yorkshire Police chiefs have agreed to attend the meeting in Darnall in response to mounting concerns from residents who claim they no longer feel safe on the streets.

Mr Betts said residents have contacted him worried about burglaries, anti-social behaviour, and groups of migrants congregating on street corners.

He said: “I have been contacted by residents who have raised concerns about a number of issues.

“I have been in touch with the police and they said there has not been an increase in crime in the area, but they are aware of large numbers of men hanging around on street corners talking noisily and making people feel intimidated. So they are carrying out extra patrols, and I am going to be going out on one to see for myself.”

Sheffield taxi driver Mohammed Joydu Miah, aged 41, is calling for more police officers in Darnall after his home was burgled.

A PlayStation 3 and games, two laptops, an iPad, an iPhone, jewellery, car keys, house keys, credit cards and paperwork were taken during a raid carried out during the day while he was shopping.

Mr Miah, a father-of-two, said: “I was only out of the house for an hour and when I got back I discovered that somebody had been through the entire house – the downstairs, the lounge on the second floor, and our bedroom on the third.

“There have been too many burglaries and street muggings in Darnall recently so it is time we saw more police on the streets.

“There should also be more CCTV cameras as I am sure this would make the community feel safer.”

Inspector Paul Ferguson, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “Residents will have noticed heightened patrols in the area to prevent crime and reassure the community.”

The meeting is to be held at the Victory Club, Main Road, Darnall, at 3pm today.