Sheffield residents at odds as lorry ban lifted

Lorries on Abbey Lane
Lorries on Abbey Lane
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A debate looks set to rage on over disturbance caused by lorry traffic which has divided two Sheffield neighbourhoods.

Sheffield Council’s cabinet highways committee voted unanimously to approve a reduced ban on trucks using Bocking Lane, between Beauchief and Greenhill, so it applies at night time only rather than 24 hours a day.

Changes are designed to alleviate heavy goods traffic being diverted on to Abbey Lane, where residents’ complaints prompted a review of the regulations.

But those living on Bocking Lane claim the council’s recommendations were based on unreliable data.

Resident Duncan Batty said: “The report’s findings do not seem to be based on accurate statistics. The lorries are proven to drive at an increased speed on Bocking Lane when compared to speed on Abbey Lane.”

Both communities have been at loggerheads over lorry traffic since the measures were first introduced two years ago.

Abbey Lane has been a particular cause for concern as it is home to a primary school.

Sally Evans, who lives on Abbey Lane, told the meeting: “I want to express my support for the proposed changes to the HGV ban.

“At the moment we get all the traffic and hopefully it will now be shared through the day time.”

Coun Leigh Bramall, chairman of the committee, said: “I cannot see any reason why we would want to change the initial decision, which is a very difficult compromise.”

Coun Bryan Lodge added: “It is sad having two sets of residents who appear to be at odds with each other, but I think this is the best compromise.”

The changes will cost around £22,500 to implement.

Committee members told the meeting a wider review is being worked on to cut HGV use on Sheffield’s residential streets.