Sheffield raid terror as pensioner tied up in own home

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A pensioner was tied up in a terrifying raid by a gang of burglars who ransacked her home in Sheffield.

The 69-year-old was restrained by one of the raiders while two accomplices searched her home on Mortimer Road, Bradfield.

Her hands were then tied together by the burglars – believed to be teenagers – before they fled with a haul of valuables, including a television.

Detective Sergeant Graham Stead, who is leading the hunt for the men, said it was a ‘nasty offence’ against a ‘vulnerable’ victim. He said the OAP was doing chores in her kitchen when the offenders ‘rushed’ towards her.

“This was a cowardly attack against a defenceless, elderly lady,” he said.

“She was going about her chores in her kitchen in a remote part of Sheffield and the next thing she knew she saw three males, she screamed, they rushed towards her and one of them restrained her while the other two ransacked the property.

“She is of a slim build, so could offer no resistance. The one restraining her kept hold of her and did not let her go until she was tied up as they left. They did not hurt her, but she was left extremely shaken.”