Sheffield police search for mystery driver

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Crime:Latest news.
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Police officers investigating a series of reports of Sheffield children being approached by men say there has been ‘a healthy response’ to an appeal for information.

South Yorkshire Police asked for help in identifying the man or men involved in the incidents after receiving three separate complaints.

Officers do not yet know if they all involve the same culprit.

In the first incident, on June 11, a man in a blue car pulled up alongside a 16-year-old girl on Shay Road, Deepcar, and gestured for her to get into the vehicle.

On June 15 a man in a blue vehicle approached a 12-year-old boy walking along Orgreave Lane, Sheffield, and attempted to lure the boy towards his vehicle until an adult intervened.

The following day a man in a blue car was reported for ‘staring’ at a group of girls in the Birley Spa Lane area, before driving off.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “There has been a healthy response from the public concerning the incidents. Although there have been no arrests to date, all the information received from the public is being reviewed to assist in attempts to identify the driver of the vehicle in question.”