Sheffield police have a new tactic to combat anti-social behaviour in trouble hotspots

South Yorkshire Police has announced that it willl be patrolling areas highlighted by residents as anti-social behaviour hotspots with a new CCTV van.

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 8:46 am

This comes the day after police announced an increased presence in areas of the city to combat attacks on buses that have led to vital services being suspended.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Our new CCTV van has arrived and we're taking it on tour.

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Police operation around Arbourthorne

"The van allows us to put 4k CCTV goodness on a 5 meter pole anywhere in our area, which will mean we can capture excellent quality evidence of wrongdoing.

"You will soon see the van being deployed in areas where we experience issues of antisocial behaviour or crime.

“Please be aware that this week is your last chance to fill in our survey about what you want us to take action on in your area. If you haven't yet filled it in please take the opportunity to let us know what's important to you.”

Over the last few weeks, buses in Ferham and Arbourthorne have had bricks, rocks and metal thrown at them by groups of teenagers.

This led to a number of suspensions and diversions on the affected routes, leaving residents without easy access to public transport.

Sergeant Tom Hollands from the Sheffield South East Neighbourhood Team who cover Arbourthorne said: "We know that anti-social behaviour more generally is a concern for people, and this type of activity easily spills over. We’re working hard alongside the bus companies and local authority to tackle this."