Sheffield park, derelict building and vehicles hit by arson attacks overnight

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Arsonists struck eight times overnight which included setting fires at a park, torching a derelict building and vehicles.

A patch of grassland went up in flames in Midhurst Road, Birley Carr in Sheffield at 7.30pm.

A crew from Rivelin Fire Station spent 30 minutes at the scene.

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An hour later crews were called over to Emerson Avenue in Stainforth, Doncaster, where a derelict building had been set on fire.

Thorne firefighters discovered a pile of litter on fire inside. They spent about an hour tackling the blaze.

Arsonists set fire to a skip in Wordsworth Avenue, Parson Cross, at 8.45pm.

Rivelin firefighters spent 20 minutes at the scene.

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A pile of litter was ignited in Munsbrough Lane, Munsbrough, at 9pm.

A fire crew dealt with the blaze within 15 minutes.

Yobs set fire to a motorbike in Campsall Balk, Norton in Doncaster at 9.05pm.

Adwick firefighters put the fire out within 30 minutes.

A pile of litter was set on fire in Gulthwaite Common Lane, Upper Whiston, at 9.45pm.

A crew from Aston Fire Station spent 15 minutes extinguishing the blaze.

A wheelie bin was set on fire in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, at 9.50pm.

Firefighters from Sheffield Central Fire Station put the blaze out.

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A Ford Fiesta went up in flames in South Street, Rawmarsh, at 2.20am this morning.

A crew from Rotherham Central Fire Station extinguished the blaze.