Sheffield mugger given final chance to behave

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Courts: News, reaction and more.
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A TEENAGE girl with a history of violent offending came to the ‘brink of custody’ after robbing a young girl of her mobile phone.

Zulifa Alibeshere, aged 18, admitted in her own words she had ‘ragged’ her 14-year-old victim, grabbing her by the hair with both hands, banging her against a wall and then throwing her to the ground.

She targeted her near the theatres in Sheffield city centre on the afternoon of Saturday, February 11, and the police helicopter had to be called in to help search for the mugger after she fled.

In a police statement, her victim said: “I did nothing to deserve this.

“I am now very worried about coming into the city centre and do not feel I can live the life of a normal teenager.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard Alibeshere, of Firshill Walk, Pitsmoor has a lengthy criminal record for violence,

She was convicted of wounding and criminal damage in 2010 and in January last year was given a youth rehabilitation order for offences including assaulting a police officer.

But John Boumphrey, for Alibeshere, said she had a difficult upbringing abroad.

He said she suffered from a short attention span, but had sought counselling for herself and was ‘taking steps off her own bat’ to deal with her problems.

The court heard she has been on an anger management course.

And Mr Boumphrey said youth justice workers felt she finally understood the seriousness of her offending.

Sentencing, Judge Jeremy Baker said: “You have come to the brink of custody today.”

He said he had been moved by the difficulties she had encountered in her life and felt she had not developed socially as well as others her age.

However, he told her: “This is the last occasion on which you will be able to rely on this background.”

Alibeshere admitted robbery.

She was sentenced to 12 months in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for two years.

She is to be electronically tagged and must abide by a night-time curfew for six months.