Sheffield mobile speed camera locations in April: Chapeltown, Loxley, Handsworth, Grimesthorpe

Police vehicles will be on these 'B' roads this month

Here are 16 locations for mobile speed cameras on ‘B’ roads in Sheffield in April.

‘B’ roads connect areas and feed traffic between ‘A’ roads and smaller roads on the network, the government says.

That means they carry a huge mix of users and vary in speeds between 50mph and 30mph - or even 20mph near schools and some neighbourhoods. They can also be wide and empty or busy town centres.

It means inattentive drivers can break the speed limit - and be caught by police mobile speed cameras.

The police have published a list of 60 locations they intend to visit with speed cameras this month. Here’s a list of 16 ‘B’ roads in Sheffield where they may set up shop.

Nine people died on South Yorkshire roads in the first five weeks of this year, police say. In 2021, 696 people were killed or seriously injured, according to South Yorkshire Safety Cameras.