Sheffield men found guilty of attempted murder after shotgun attacks on mum and son

Two men have been found guilty of attempting to murder a mother and son after their victims were wounded by shotgun fire during two street attacks on the same day.

Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 11:02 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 1:29 pm

A Sheffield Crown Court trial heard how Bradley Jenkins, aged 28, of Waverley View, Catcliffe, near Sheffield, and Conner Hadi, aged 26, of Toll Bar Avenue, Gleadless Townend, Sheffield, were among a group in a Nissan Qashqai who opened fire at Bradley Ward and his mother Kelly Ward.

Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, claimed Jenkins, Hadi and others went armed in a stolen Qashqai with false number plates to Castledale Croft, on the Manor estate, Sheffield, on January 6.

He claimed: “They opened fire with shotguns at least three times with what the prosecution say was an attempt to kill members of the Ward family.”

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Police launched an investigation after responding to reports of shotgun shootings at Castledale Croft, on the Manor estate, Sheffield, and on Prince of Wales Road.

However, the court later heard it could not be proven that more than one gun was involved.

Kelly Ward was shot in her head and shoulder as she hid behind a caravan and as the Qashqai rolled back the defendants ran away they were chased by Bradley Ward and his father David Ward in David's pick-up truck, according to Mr Sandiford.

Mr Sandiford said Bradley Ward then went after Bradley Jenkins on foot and David Ward claimed he saw Jenkins and Hadi on Prince of Wales Road firing at his son, who suffered five wounds in an arm.

Mr Sandiford said David Ward's truck also suffered shotgun damage.

Pictured is Sheffield Crown Court.

The Qashqai was seen on CCTV at Castledale Croft and Mr Sandiford said a door opened, a shotgun discharged and another door opened and two more shots were fired.

Mr Sandiford said the Qashqai had been stolen from Pavilion Way, near Pismire Hill, Sheffield, on January 5.

He added there had been “bad feeling” between Bradley Ward and those in the Qashqai after Jenkins was seeing Bradley Ward's ex-partner.

Mr Sandiford said about an hour before the shooting Bradley Ward had been with his current partner in her Mercedes car when they crossed paths with a group in a Nissan Qashqai.

Bradley Ward confronted those in the Qashqai on Hastilar Road South, Richmond, Sheffield, during a dispute, according to Mr Sandiford, and a witness said Mr Ward hit the door of the Qashqai before it was driven into the Mercedes.

Mr Sandiford said Hadi then contacted Jenkins and went to his address just before the shooting.

Jenkins and Hadi were later picked out of an identification parade, according to Mr Sandiford, but neither offered an explanation as to why they had been identified.

Mr Sandiford said a DNA profile taken from the Qashqai appeared to match Hadi.

The defendants had claimed they were not involved in the incidents and they were wrongly identified.

However, a jury found them guilty on September 7 of one count of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, possessing ammunition with intent to endanger life, and attempting to murder Kelly Ward and attempting to murder Bradley Ward.

Both defendants were found not guilty concerning one further count of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life on the basis it could not be proven that more than one gun was involved in the offending which was deemed to have been a joint enterprise.

Jenkins and Hadi are to be sentenced later today.