Sheffield man’s lucky escape after car ‘burst into flames’ whilst he took out his shopping

A Sheffield man was left in shock after his car burst into flames while he was taking out his shopping.

The man was taking his shopping out of the boot of his Seat Ibiza at around 3.45pm on Monday when he came back and discovered his car alight.

Eyewitnesses said that nobody was hurt as the car exploded on Northfield Close, Crookes, but said it could have been ‘much worse’.

Adam Moorby posted on Facebook: “Just incase anyone wondered why you could smell burning earlier.

Car on fire in Crookes - Credit: Adam Moorby

“All I heard was shouting until I looked outside. The poor guy had come back from shopping.”

Adam said the incident was due to an engine fault and not as a result of arson.

“It wasn’t an arson attack, it was a genuine engine fault that the owner can’t have known about as he’d just been to the shops,” he said.

“But I guess it shows how easy something like this could happen without the owner even expecting it.”

Car on fire in Crookes - Credit: Adam Moorby