Sheffield man’s threats to pull girl’s teeth

Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan
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A man once wrongly accused of a baby’s murder has been jailed for three years and told to avoid women – after he bullied five former partners.

Troubles arose for jobless Brian Morgan after he was cleared of the murder of his step-daughter but was shunned in the area where he lived, a court heard.

Now 45, he went on to meet more women on dating websites, but often turned violent when relationships ended.

He bombarded his last victim with threatening texts – and within a fortnight of their meeting told her he ‘wished he was a set of pliers... so he could pull her teeth out’.

Morgan, of Ellesmere Road North, Burngreave, Sheffield, admitted harassing the woman in North Derbyshire last December.

Judge Jonathan Gosling told him: “For years you have roamed the country, initially charming many women.

“But then it becomes threatening and sometimes violent.”

In 1995 Morgan was convicted of assault, and five years later he made threats to kill a woman.

In 2004 and 2005 he was cautioned for harassment, and was convicted of racially aggravated behaviour in 2007.

He was sent to jail in 2008 for assaulting a woman, and convicted of a similar offence last year.

Sarah Munro, defending, told Derby Crown Court that, in the past, he had formed ‘a healthy relationship’ with a woman.

She added: “But she had a baby which died.

“He was charged with murder, and was acquitted at this court.

“He was vilified by many members of the community, and has had trouble ever since.”