Sheffield man fired gun over his shoulder and killed his cousin

Deeq Ali
Deeq Ali
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A DRUNKEN man shot his own cousin dead - by firing a gun over his shoulder into a crowd of revellers as they tried to usher him out of a birthday party, a court heard.

Abdi Omar, aged 25, killed his 18-year-old cousin Deeq Ali at a bash at Spital Hill Plaza, Burngreave, Sheffield.

Paul Watson QC, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court: “As he was being escorted out, he pulled out a shotgun from his trousers, put it over his shoulder, and shot by pulling the trigger at people behind him.

“One of the men ushering him out, Deeq Ali, received massive gunshot injuries to his head and died.

“Mr Omar says it was an accident. The prosecution say he might not have meant to specifically harm the man who was shot, but it was anything but an accident.”

Omar, of Lopham Street, Burngreave, denies murder.

He also denies possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of unlawful violence in an earlier incident the same night, by pulling out the gun and threatening to kill a man named Nabil Naji.

Mr Watson said Deeq, of Catherine Road, Burngreave, was killed at the 24th birthday party of a young woman called Rosalin Roberts.

Omar was described by witnesses as being ‘angry and aggressive’ and partygoer Soloman Gebremesekel, who had earlier denied entry to a group of Somali youths including Omar, suspected he was carrying a weapon.

“Mr Gebremeskel went up to him and grabbed him,” Mr Watson said. “He could tell Omar had something like a gun under his trousers.

“At that point a number of others appeared and told Mr Gebremeskel to leave him alone - one of those was the victim, Mr Ali.

“They were telling Omar to leave and pushing him towards the door.

“Deeq was telling Omar to ‘chill out’ but he didn’t.”

After being shot Mr Ali was rushed to the Northern General Hospital but was pronounced dead at 3.28am.

Mr Watson said: “There was a great deal of confusion and hysteria within the Plaza. People were terrified, crying and screaming.”

Police arrested Omar shortly afterwards in nearby Andover Street. Mr Watson said he was in ‘a state of heavy drunkenness’ three times the drink drive limit.

The gun was retrieved from bushes near Omar’s home and, when officers searched his address, they found gunshot residue on the clothes he was wearing, which were soaking in a bucket of water.

Omar told police he’d been given the gun to look after by an unknown man, and put it down his trousers. He claimed he was worried it would go off while he was being pushed and pulled, so he took it out and it went off by accident.

But Mr Watson said: “In drunken anger or frustration about being made unwelcome at the party and being ejected, he deliberately chose to teach those behind him a lesson and fired this gun in their direction.

“We say if you fire a weapon into a group of people from no more than a matter of inches away, at least one of them is going to be seriously hurt.

“He knew very well firing a gun at close range like that was going to have those consequences.”

The trial continues.