Sheffield killer spends first night of sentence behind bars as outrage over length of jail term mounts

A killer has spent the first night of a five year sentence behind bars – as outrage over the length of the jail term mounts.

By Claire Lewis
Thursday, 12th December 2019, 7:15 am

Noel Ramsey, aged 22, of Nottingham Street, Burngreave, was jailed for five years yesterday after pleading guilty to manslaughter following the fatal stabbing of Fahim Hersi at the Centertainment complex in September 2018.

He claimed he plunged a blade into 22-year-old Fahim’s chest – puncturing his heart – in self defence.

Ramsey, who was charged with murder but pleaded guilty to an alternative charge of manslaughter mid-way through his trial, had been stabbed in an earlier incident at the leisure complex when his group of friends clashed with Fahim’s as they both turned up to watch a film at Cineworld.

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Noel Ramsey was jailed for five years for manslaughter following a stabbing at the Centertainment complex in Sheffield

When his attacker dropped his knife during the scuffle, Ramsey picked it up and lashed out at Fahim as he walked towards him.

He claimed he feared for his safety, not knowing if Fahim was also armed.

Ramsey was arrested after he turned up at hospital seeking treatment for his own stab wounds.

Although some Sheffield residents claim the sentence reflects Ramsey’s explanation that he was acting in self defence on the night of the fatal stabbing, his five-year jail term has outraged others.

Fahim Hersi was stabbed to death in Sheffield in 2018

Posting online, Paula Howarth said: “And they wonder why we live in a world full of crime. Police do all the footwork to bring people to justice and the judge gives them sentences like this – just a slap on the wrists to them, they will be out in no time.

“Anyone willing to use a knife or gun on another should be given life. What kind of evil is capable of knifing or shooting another. They have no heart, no compassion and no feelings to be able to do that.”

Vivien Proctor said: “That is disgusting. Five years for taking someone’s life. Be out in two-and-half year. System’s all wrong.”

Paige-Alanis Leedale added: “Five years is absolutely nothing compared to the life he will live when he gets out and the loss of the life he has created. Absolutely disgusting, where is the justice for the family?”

Sarah Thorpe said: “Five years? That's not justice for the parents of the person fatally stabbed. They are the ones with a life sentence.”

Adele Lynch posted: “Wow, five years for taking another person’s life. No wonder kids are carrying knives when you get sentences like that, what a joke.”

Adam Cowlishaw said: “And they keep going on about knife crime. How they going to solve it by giving them a less sentence than you would get for robbery?”

Lee Harrison added:” There’s no wonder there’s so many stabbings and murders with sentences like that. Five years is no deterrent whatsoever. “He’ll be out in three. The justice system needs to be ashamed of itself.”