Sheffield have-a-go-hero gives chase to foil raiders

Pictured is Gordie Cavill of Fulton Road,Walkley
Pictured is Gordie Cavill of Fulton Road,Walkley
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Noisy burglars who woke residents on a Sheffield street fled empty-handed after being chased by a have-a-go-hero.

The raiders, who are now being hunted by police, struck at a house on Fulton Road, Walkley, yesterday, at about 3am and stole a television.

To make their escape easier they placed their loot into a wheelie bin.

However, they made so much noise they were heard by 27-year-old Rachel Cavill, who alerted her husband Gordie.

Mr Cavill, aged 44, who runs Source Photography, confronted the burglars, but they fled – taking his wheelie bin with them.

However, the dad-of-one followed them in his car and found the stolen TV dumped in Ruskin Park.

He alerted police who used sniffer dogs to try to track the burglars down, but they could not be found.

Gordie said that his response was just his natural instinct.

“My wife heard a noise and woke me saying there was somebody outside our house.

“I looked out of the window and asked what the two men were doing and got a mouthful of abuse back as they took off.

“I got dressed and jumped in the car to follow them into Ruskin Park.

“They’d dropped the TV, so I picked it up to give to the police and had a scout around to look for the them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

“The police took over when they arrived and when they came to get a statement from me they told me that occupants of a student house had reported a break-in.”

His wife Rachel, who was feeding their 13-week-old daughter Tesla when she heard the noise, said: “Chances are that if I had not been feeding the baby they would have got away with the burglary.”

n Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.