Sheffield family left feeling 'unsafe in their own home' after 'acid' is poured on both of their cars

A family with three small children has been left feeling ‘unsafe in their own home’ after a substance believed to be acid was thrown all over both of their cars in Nether Edge last night (August 21).

The mother of the family – a primary school teacher who wishes not to be named – went outside her house in Nether Edge, Sheffield at 9am today to discover that the paint had been stripped from both the family’s cars, with burns all around each one.

Neither car was parked outside their house, and they were parked seperately from one another. Another man who lived further up the street and is a student also had his car damaged in the same way overnight.

"It feels horrific,” she said. “We have three young children and it is horrible to feel like you are not safe in your own home.

One of the cars after it was attacked with acid.

"The cars were not parked together so it feels very strange that both of ours were done.

"I think it must have been somebody on foot as the acid was poured over every side, all around. Both cars were done to the point where all the panels have been damaged.”

The woman whose vehicle was damaged said that acid being used to destroy cars is an ongoing problem on their street.

Earlier this year a Mercedes parked on the road was damaged in a similar way.

One of the cars after it was attacked with acid.

She said: “It is really scary being a young family living in this part of Sheffield at the moment.

“I have spoken to so many people who have told me about horrible things that have happened. More damage to cars and bricks thrown through windows.

"It is supposed to be a nice area round here, but perhaps it isn’t so much now. We feel there is not much point in repairing the cars because it could just happen again next week.

"We have spoken to the neighbours and we are thinking of getting CCTV installed on the street.”

One of the cars after it was damaged.

Now the woman and her husband, also a teacher, are appealing for CCTV that may help them identify those responsible for damaging their cars.

"We got home around 5pm yesterday, and didn’t use the cars since then,” she said.

“My cousin who was visiting left out house between 7.30pm and 8pm and we didn’t see anything then. So we think it must have been done overnight.”

The couple rang 111 to report the crime and visited Snig Hill police station today. South Yorkshire Police said an officer would be sent to investigate.

One of the cars after it was damaged.

South Yorkshire Police have been approached for comment.

One of the cars after it was damaged.