Sheffield drugs 'hot spot' still not cleared - a week after The Star revealed danger

Dirty syringes filled with blood and abandoned drugs paraphenalia have still not been cleaned up a week after The Star revealed the danger spot on our front page.

Thursday, 17th September 2020, 10:04 pm

The shocking condition of the spot at the entrance of former train tunnel Fiery Jack was highlighted by The Star last week after a reader asked for help to make the area safe.

It has still not been cleared and a spokesman for Sheffield Council said the local authority does not even know who has responsibility for the land.

The area is strewn with discarded needles, condom packets and poses a threat to public health.

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Fiery Jack, as it is known becase of the sparks which were thrown out by engines negotiating the incline inside the tunnel, is situated at the junction of Saville Street and Brunswick Street, near Wicker Arches. The area served as Sheffield’s first railway station built in 1838 and is now home to the Tesco.

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