Sheffield drug dealers caught red handed in kitchen cooking crack cocaine

Three Sheffield drug dealers who were caught red handed in a kitchen cooking crack cocaine have been jailed.

Wednesday, 9th December 2020, 9:25 am

Police executed a warrant at Worrall Yee's flat on Margate Drive, Grimesthorpe, on March 16, where a large group of people were present, prosecutor Laura Marshall told Sheffield Crown Court.

Yee, aged 68, was wearing a face mask before they became common, and was cooking crack cocaine in a pan.

Jerone Blake had a mask hanging from his ears and he was found with £530 of heroin, hidden between his buttocks, and £288 in cash.

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Junior Neita was caught with £1,150 of crack and £525 in cash. He later told police he only went to the address to smoke crack, and the drugs found were for his own use.

More than 50 grams of crack cocaine was found in various containers and hidden in the U-bend of the sink. Mobile phones, with messages referring to “white” (cocaine) and “brown” (heroin) were also recovered.

Ms Marshall said Blake had nine previous convictions for 18 offences, including Class A drug dealing from 2008 and 2012, for which he received two years and 42 months respectively, and fell foul of the "third strike principle” as a result.

Yee has 22 previous convictions for 38 offences, and served 45 months in prison for selling cocaine in 2003. Neita has three previous convictions, including production of cannabis in 2011, for which he received 15 months.

From left, Worrall Yee, Junior Neita and Jerone Blake.

Richard Sheldon, for Blake, said: “He was dealing here to fund his own habit and is dealing with that habit.”

Richard Adams, for Yee, said: “He is a pensioner, shortly to turn 69. He has some grandchildren he has never met. The one rock he had in his life was his mother. When she died he turned to crack and he became dependent.

"His social circle was crack users. He allowed his flat to be taken over. He concedes that his flat became a crack house. He is in additional isolation because of his age and health. That 23-hour lockup has assisted him in getting clean. On his release it is proposed his daughter will move to Jamaica and he will join her.”

Richard Barradell, for Neita, said: "He has two children. He hasn't seen them since his remand. He has learned his lesson."

Blake, 32, of Nottingham Street, and Neita, 36, of Carwood Road, both of Sheffield, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. Yee pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of a Class A drugs and permitting his premises to be used for the purposes of drug production.

Judge Rachael Harrison told them: “All of you chose to concern yourselves with the supply of Class A drugs. If you continue to do this the sentences will get longer and longer and longer. Those are your choices, nobody else's.”

She sentenced Blake to 2,045 days in custody, Yee to 49 months, and Neita, whose position was aggravated because he was on a suspended sentence at the time, to 36 months.

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