Sheffield crime: R1se Yoga burgled seven times in under a year, but no one arrested despite CCTV

Yoga teacher Chris Downham fears for his Sheffield business after his premises were burgled seven times in less than a year.

Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 12:48 pm

But despite police being called each time, and being given CCTV, he is staggered that no one has been arrested over the crimes.

Chris runs R1se Yoga on Napier Street, near Ecclesall Road, and believes on three occasions, he was burgled by the same people.

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Chris Downham owner of R1se Yoga on Napier Street. Picture Scott Merrylees

He is upset that no one has been arrested, and at the same time he's just been hit with a £30,000 bill for business rates at a time when he says companies like his are struggling due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

He said: “We opened in September 2021, and have had people smashing in several times now. It just feels like the police have not done anything.

“We think some of the people who broke in did so with ankle tags on. We can’t understand how they’ve not been able to arrest anyone.

“Then we got a massive business rates bill, with money to pay for the police included on that.

Chris Downham owner of R1se Yoga on Napier Street. Picture Scott Merrylees

“The market’s 40 per cent down since furlough ended, and at the moment I’m not even drawing a salary.

“A lot of businesses have shutters – but I’ve not got £30,000 to pay for those. It’s happened so much, I’m fitting my own replacement glass when we get burgled.

“This shouldn’t be happening in modern Sheffield.”

The most recent of the break-ins happened on June 8, when a man he believed was speaking Brazilian Portuguese smashed through glass and stole some cash. He said police never attended.

On April 4, two men broke in and stole some cash and the studio mobile phone.

March 10 had seen a man with a beard try to break in. A few days earlier, on February 26, the man with a beard had tried to take a bike from the site.

February 9 had seen the suspected Brazilians smash their way in with a hammer.

Last year, he reported a man breaking in with a brick on November 17, and men breaking in to steal screens, computers and cameras on September 18.

South Yorkshire Police said in a statement: “We have received several reports of burglaries at R1se Yoga on Napier Street in Sheffield since the start of this year.

“Following these incidents, enquiries have been ongoing and extensive CCTV, house-to-house enquiries but no suspects were identified, nor witnesses identified.

“Officers have remained in contact with the owner via telephone and text message. A letter was sent to inform the owner of the decision to file the crime unless new evidence came to light.

“Crime prevention officers are also intending to re-visit the business owners and offer further advice on how to secure their premises to avoid further incidents.

“We are acutely aware of the disruptive and emotional impact burglaries can have on businesses, and our dedicated burglary team based within the district continue to work alongside our Neighbourhood Policing Teams to prevent these crimes and bring offenders to justice when they do happen.”