Sheffield crime 2024: The seven worst streets for drug offences in city

The worst-hit streets have been revealed.

The seven Sheffield streets included in this list were the worst in the city for reports of drug offences in January 2024, according to the latest crime figures from South Yorkshire Police.

The crime figures from – the national website for policing in England – are released with a two-month delay, and we can now reveal the 7 worst streets in the city for drug offences in January 2024.

They are based on reports made in South Yorkshire Police’s four Sheffield policing districts: Sheffield North East; Sheffield Central and North West; Sheffield South East and Sheffield South West. The data states that the crimes have been reported ‘on or near’ a specific street or location.

The Sentencing Council produces guidelines on the type of sentence a defendant should receive after being convicted of an offence.

They say there are four main offences associated with illegal drugs: possession, supply, production and importation. The Sentencing Council offers the following definitions on the four main illegal drug offences.

- Possession means being caught with drugs, even if they do not belong to the person caught. The police have the power to stop, detain and search people on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they are in possession of a controlled drug. Possession with intent to supply is a more serious offence that may be proved by: direct evidence, for example by witness testimony or surveillance; possessing a quantity of drugs inconsistent with personal use; possessing uncut drugs; possessing a variety of drugs; evidence the drug has been prepared for sale, for example it has been cut into small portions separately wrapped and drug related equipment being found in the care/control of the suspect.

- Supply includes dealing or sharing drugs – even if just with friends. It does not require proof of payment or reward. The penalty for supplying drugs depends on the amount of drugs found.

- Production is committed when a suspect has some identifiable participation in the process of producing an illegal drug, by making it, growing it or any other method.

- Importation means the illegal importation or exportation of a controlled drug.

Report a crime to South Yorkshire Police by calling them on 101 or through their online portal at:

In an emergency, please call 999.