Sheffield crime 2023: The 15 worst streets for reported violence and sexual offences in city, new figures show

Here are the worst Sheffield streets for reported violence and sexual offences.

The 15 Sheffield streets with the highest number of reports of violence and sexual offences have been revealed.

The crime figures from – the national website for policing in England – are released with a two-month delay, and we can now reveal the 15 worst streets in the city for violence and sexual offences in September 2023.

They are based on reports made in South Yorkshire Police’s four Sheffield policing districts: Sheffield North East, Sheffield Central and North West, Sheffield South East and Sheffield South West.

The data states that the crimes have been reported ‘on or near’ a specific street or location.

Police forces across the country put violence and sexual crimes into the same category, and the data used here reflects that.

The definition of sexual offences used by South Yorkshire Police says the offence category includes rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment; while the Crown Prosecution Service – which prosecutes criminal cases that have been investigated by the police and other investigative organisations – says violent crime covers a variety of offences – ranging from common assault to murder.

It also encompasses the use of weapons such as firearms, knives and corrosive substances like acid.

Report a crime to South Yorkshire Police by calling them on 101 or through their online portal at:

In an emergency, please call 999.