Sheffield cousins both jailed for manslaughter three years apart after fatal stabbings

Two cousins from Sheffield are both behind bars for manslaughter over fatal stabbings in the city three years apart.

Isaac Ramsey, aged 18, was convicted of manslaughter last week over the death of 35-year-old Marcus Ramsay, who was knifed when violence flared at a house party last summer.

Marcus, a dad-of-two, was trying to protect his brother from Isaac Ramsey and Ruben Moreno, also 18, who had both arrived at the gathering in Horninglow Road, Firth Park, armed with knives.

A 24-year-old man was slashed across his chest and abdomen at the party, triggering a chain of events which led to the fatal stabbing of Marcus.

L-R: Isaac Ramsey and Noel Ramsey are cousins, who are both behind bars for manslaughter

Monero, of Aldfield Way, Longley, was found guilty of murder, while Ramsey, of Andover Street, Burngreave, was found guilty of manslaughter.

They were caught on CCTV producing their knives and then fleeing as their victim lay dying.

The pair then went on the run for a number of weeks

Ramsey was also convicted of wounding with intent after a stabbing in Gower Street, Burngreave, in December 2019.

Following a minor car crash, Ramsey knifed the other driver, who was unarmed, four times, leaving the 33-year-old with injuries including a collapsed lung.

Ramsey and Monero are to be sentenced next month.

Ramsey’s cousin, Noel Ramsey, is also serving time for manslaughter after a fatal stabbing at the Centertainment complex in Sheffield in 2018.

Ramsey, now 22, of Nottingham Street, Burngreave, killed Fahim Hersi in a knife attack outside the Cineworld cinema.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for five years after claiming to have been acting in self defence after being stabbed himself when his group of friends clashed with Fahim’s as they both turned up to watch a film.

He said he picked up a knife dropped by one of Fahim’s friends and lashed out.

Ramsey was arrested after seeking hospital treatment for his own stab wounds.

He is eligible for parole next June.

After he was jailed it emerged that he was the nephew of Lester Divers, 32, who was shot dead at point blank range in his car outside his home in Freedom Road, Walkley, on New Year’s Day 2003.

During the trial of suspects accused of involvement in his death, it was revealed that Lester was killed in a ‘well planned and cold blooded execution’ as a result of a turf war between rival drug gangs.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how Lester was part of a gang responsible for a series of crimes against other drug dealers and criminals.

He and his associates were alleged to have tortured and kidnapped a number of victims in the run-up to the murder, taking thousands of pounds off them.

Gunman Michael Ullah, who admitted shooting Mr Divers, opened fire because he feared his own life was in danger.

His barrister told Sheffield Crown Court that three men, one of whom was Mr Divers, tried to kidnap, torture and kill Ullah to get information about a rival Sheffield drug dealer he was working for.

Ullah, formerly of Honeysuckle Road, Wincobank, was jailed for life along with getaway driver Kevin Smith.

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