Sharp drop in crime on Sheffield Manor

Car crime
Car crime
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Crime on a once ‘notorious’ Sheffield estate has plunged after a crackdown on repeat offenders.

Manor Castle police ward, which includes the Manor estate, has seen a 30 per cent drop in burglaries and 26 per cent fewer car break-ins, with overall crime down by almost a fifth – 19 per cent.

The area’s Inspector Paul Ferguson says the drop is down to the hard work officers have done to tackle repeat offenders, using predictive techniques to put bobbies on ‘hot streets’.

Insp Ferguson said: “The Manor Castle area has been exceptional. If you look at domestic burglary – one of the crimes which is very high-impact – there has been 73 fewer crimes than the year before.

“While we always take the view that one burglary is one too many, we have to reluctantly concede that there will always be some.

“But last year we had 169, down from 242 – a significantly smaller number of homes being broken into, which is a fantastic result.

“Vehicle crime is 26 per cent down. That’s 77 fewer cars being broken into.

“The Manor some years ago used to be notorious, you had police documentaries and Jamie Theakston flying around in a car shouting about ‘car crime on the Manor’.

“Now that’s a thing of the past. The reductions in crime are some of the best in the force.

“The way we have done that is being really robust, really zealous with our repeat offenders.

“By working with both the probation service and the courts, we have been more attuned to who comes out of prison and what they are doing.

“We have been really intelligent in where we put officers, using predictive techniques to work out hot streets and times and making sure we have people there.

“When they trip up, we are there to identify them and send them back to the courts.

“The Manor now has less crime than Arbourthourne, more than Woodhouse. It’s not an outlier in terms of crime reporting.”