See something, say something

A tram in Sheffield
A tram in Sheffield
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Bus, train and tram passengers are being urged to speak out and report troublemakers using public transport across South Yorkshire.

Travel South Yorkshire, which represents public transport operators to provide travel assistance and transport information, has launched a new ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign, urging passengers to report offenders.

The organisation said although interchanges have CCTV cameras, and some vehicles are fitted with cameras, passengers should report offences.

A Travel South Yorkshire spokesman said: “Every day thousands of public transport journeys are incident-free, but occasionally something is said or done that needs to be pursued to prevent it from happening again.

“There’s no excuse for anyone spoiling your journey - if you see something, say something.

“Together we can make travel safer.

“Whether you’ve witnessed troublemakers travelling on your bus, tram or train, or you’ve walked past an incident at an interchange, or you’ve seen a shelter being smashed across the street, we need to hear about it.

“Travel South Yorkshire works with South Yorkshire Police, British Transport Police and public transport operators on a number of initiatives to help prevent incidents – police officers travel on specially protected vehicles, travelling on routes where there are anti-social behaviour issues, and stop and speak to offenders.

“This is a successful operation and has resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in bus window damage since 2008.

“They target hot-spot areas and occasionally it’s necessary to send South Yorkshire Police officers in plain clothes on public transport in and around interchanges to catch offenders in the act.

“We often do this when we receive a complaint from a customer or get information from a driver or a member of staff.”

n Visit to report incidents.