'Screaming and clawing' mob descends on Sheffield Crown Court dock after trio are jailed over Doncaster prison drug dealing

A mob descended on the dock at crown court after a judge locked-up a prison officer, an inmate and his sister over a drug-dealing enterprise in prison.

Thursday, 13th February 2020, 3:30 pm
Updated Monday, 17th February 2020, 3:30 pm

Sheffield Crown Court heard on February 12 how Hannah Fulcher, 21, who worked at HMP Moorland, in Doncaster, became involved with inmate Ryan Doyle, 30, before she agreed to collect and deliver ecstasy drugs for him.

Giles Bridge, prosecuting, explained Ryan Doyle supplied the MDMA drugs to inmates and his sister Sharnah Doyle banked and transferred money received from others known to the inmates.

After Judge Peter Kelson QC jailed the defendants, a large mob from the public gallery descended on the dock screaming and clawing at the defendants before security officers and police cleared the court.

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Pictured is Ryan Doyle, 30, of HMP Doncaster, who has been sentenced to eight years of custody after conspiring to supply drugs in prison, transferring criminal property and conspiring to covey an illegal item into a prison.

Judge Kelson had just told the court: “Criminal activity concerning prisoners is becoming an epidemic and the police are bringing it to justice.

“This is a desperately serious case of its type involving a corrupt prison officer.”

He added: “Prisons must be cleaned-up, and they are cleaning themselves up, but prisoners are still taking drugs and however drugs are getting-in – it has to be stopped.”

Mr Bridge said Fulcher met Ryan Doyle in June, 2018, and they struck-up a “relationship” and Ryan Doyle helped Fulcher when she had been abused by another inmate.

Pictured is former prison officer Hannah Fulcher, 21, of Westgate, Lincolnshire, who has been jailed for five years after admitting misconduct in a public office, conspiring to supply drugs and conspiring to convey an illegal item into prison.

Fulcher gave Ryan Doyle her phone number, according to Mr Bridge, and he arranged for her to collect about 50 MDMA tablets from an unknown man and bring them into prison and they maintained contact via Ryan Doyle’s illegal phone.

Fulcher placed the drugs in the prison laundry room, according to Mr Bridge.

Mr Bridge added Ryan Doyle asked Fulcher to bring in cocaine and a sim card and she bought a sim card and placed it in a laundry bin.

Fulcher and Ryan Doyle, who was serving a sentence for violent offences, were exposed after CCTV had been examined by staff investigating an unrelated matter.

Pictured is Sharnah Doyle, 23, of Chesterton Street, Liverpool, who has been jailed for six months after admitting producing cannabis and transferring criminal property.

Mr Bridge added it was established Ryan Doyle’s sister Sharnah Doyle, 23, had been transferring payments for drugs.

Fulcher, of Westgate, Lincolnshire, pleaded guilty to misconduct in a public office, conspiring to supply class A drugs and conspiring to convey an illegal device into prison.

Ryan Doyle, of HMP Doncaster, pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply class A drugs, conspiring to convey an illegal device into prison, and transferring criminal property.

Sharnah Doyle, of Chesterton Street, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to transferring criminal property and admitted producing cannabis after police found cannabis plants at her home.

Pictured is HM Prison Moorland, at Doncaster.

Neil Ronan, defending, said Ryan Doyle is remorseful and claimed his offending had been come from genuine affection for Fulcher.

Katy Rafter, defending, said Fulcher was vulnerable and naive and claimed Ryan Doyle had groomed her and she did not receive a financial reward.

Katy Appleton, defending, said Sharnah, who is pregnant, is remorseful and had become involved out of misguided loyalty and had not been aware the money was linked to drugs.

Judge Kelson jailed Ryan Doyle for eight years, Fulcher for five years and Sharnah Doyle for six months.